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12 thoughts on “Welcome to our new site”

  1. Hi Tracy, wondered where you had got to but nice to see you back. Hope you had a very good Christmas and wish you all a Happy New Year. Very pleased to see you back actually as missed your posts. We are living out of the freezers too at the moment. I am emptying them so that they can be stripped cleaned out and then can start to fill them again. I am still at the present still at home and not working. That might have to change but I have been enjoying the time at home. Do not like the cold weather though. I know this year has been milder than usual and it is normally January if it is going to get really cold. I hope not but one never knows! Anyway glad you are back and look forward to your posts. Take care Tricia xx


    1. I’m here :). Life got so hectic, I’m taking a step back from it and realigning. Much needed. That’s very kind to say you missed my posts. I’m back with avengence now. Hope the living out of the freezers is going well for you? I think I’ll do something with all of the fruit that’s in there this weekend, though some of it might end up being frozen again but in a different form, like pies! I do think we have a cold spell to come though not for a few days here. I’m glad you’re enjoying your time at home, that makes me happy. Take care x


  2. Good to see you back in action, and on WordPress now. I look forward to reading about what life brings for you in the coming year.

    I think Tricia’s idea of emptying a freezer is a good one – my smallest is full of fruit and would be much better emptied and turned off!

    Sorry you lost so many of your poultry flock. We didn’t have so many problems with foxes here (despite there being plenty about) but Polecats were the bane of our life – they would sneak in through the tiniest holes.


    1. Hi Jennie, lovely to see you. I look forward to catching up with you and everyone else now I’m back. I’ve really missed it and making sure I put time aside each week to stay in touch and update on this side.
      Interested to see what you’ll do with your fruit, we’re probably going to give a go to the fruit this weekend as we’ve loads frozen. I don’t think we have had polecats, hope I haven’t spoke too soon


  3. Hi chic. Nice round up of events. I’ll probably ask you again but how easy is it to move to WordPress, I have considered it and does it cost anything? Looking forward to seeing your exploits in writing and lots of pics.xx


    1. Hi Lou, I’m just getting used to the best way to reply to comments. Almost missed this one. It was really easy!! Part of the reason I didn’t use blogger in the end was due to how hard it was to upload photos. No I don’t pay anything and haven’t. Xx


    1. Thank you! I find the app so much easier to use when I don’t have time to log into a pc. Time is always of the essence. Thank you for commenting now you can, I look forward to hearing from you!


  4. Nice to see you back again and I can’t quite believe it’s nearly been 3 years in your lovely homestead…well done!
    I too have lost weight (due to high cholesterol and scary heart palpitations) since last Jan I have lost an amazing 4 1/2 stones, which I am very proud of….but no more cakes for me lol!

    Anyway, take care.



    1. Hi Lisa, thank you for stopping by. I often wonder how you’re getting on. Congratulations on your weight loss, that is a tremendous amount! I do miss the baking side of things but if you bake it then you have to eat it right? Treats for the kids is about it in this house on a normal week.


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